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HACENT Group of Companies

Hacent Consultant, Hacent Consultant Sdn Bhd, Hacent Green Solutions Enterprise and co-partner of Zone Architect

Hacent Consultant has been incorporated since 12th July 2006. The Company is duly registered with the Board of Engineer, Malaysia and provides independent consultancy services in Civil, Structural, Geotechnical and Project Management Consultant. As demanded in commercial projects, utilities and infrastructural works for the government, quasi government, corporate clients, developers and other similar establishment.

In June 2008, Hacent Consultant jointed in partner-ship with Zone International Sdn Bhd (a Multi- Disciplinary Consultancy) to undertake project in U.A.E. Since then, we have been involved with Multi-Million Dollor projects comprising of Residentials, Commercials, Factories and Resorts Development Projects. (The seismic zone is Zone 2A as per UBC 97).

Hacent Consultant Sdn Bhd had joint ventured with HMSK Architectural Firm on early 2009 to form a Multi-Disciplinary Consultancy to undertake project in Turkmenistan. We have been involved with Jetty, Marine Work, such as break water and etc and Building Works Development Projects in Turkmenistan. (The Seismic Zone is Zone 4 as per UBC97).

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Cyberjaya Shaftburry Square

The new city centre will be developed in 5 phases, and expected to be completed within the next 10-15 years.

Eco Sky

Located strategically in KL, this integrated mixed-use development has been designed as a 360 degree lifestyle hub.

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